NEW BLOG!!! Classroom Chit Chat

I’m so excited about a new project that I have started! I have created a blog in which students and others around the world can share, learn and talk about things that are happening in our world. Classroom Chit Chat is the name of the blog, and you can check it out now to see what it’s all about. Our very first chit chat post was filmed in Arequipa, Peru and features Classroom Chit Chat’s very first facilitators, my English students, who initiate the very first topic for discussion, traffic in Arequipa. So, I invite you to head over to check it out. It’s not just news but real people in real places sharing what’s real to them! Be our guest and see what’s going on in our world, the largest classroom ever!

You can find us at


 click here.

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3 thoughts on “NEW BLOG!!! Classroom Chit Chat

  1. Hey this is a great way to get your students talking! I’ll be checking up on you and your students regularly. Looks like the traffic in Arequipa is non-stop and noisy!!! Does it ever calm down?

    • Thanks 🙂 They actually have video projects due next week. So, more posts will be coming soon. Unfortunately, the traffic here doesn’t calm down until after about 10:30 at night. Until then, it is constantly noisy, almost impossible to sleep late unless you’re just drop-dead tired without waking up when it starts in the morning.

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