Bugging Out: “Where in the World is Butterfly Jewel?”

bugging out by Butterfly Jewel

You know, I was so bugging out by the abundance of Voltswagen Beetles (or Bugs) in this country. I just had to have my picture taken next to one before I left. Even though this country stopped its assembly of them in 1987, you would think they are still being produced by the sheer number of them you see there. Back home in the U.S., it’s rare to see one of these. So you can imagine how in awe I was to see so many, in almost every color you can imagine.

Aside from the popularity of the Voltswagen Bug, this country also loves 80’s rock, almost as if it’s what’s new today. You can almost bet that when you enter a taxi, the driver will tune into a station playing some 80s rock, especially if you speak English. One of it’s traditional entrees is guinea pig (or cuy) which I was told is pretty expensive. I got mixed reviews from natives there, some who liked it a lot and some who were totally adverse to the thought of eating it. I never tried it, so I can’t really tell you about it myself. I did try a few other traditional cuisines like adobo and ceviche. However, though this wasn’t Mexico, my favorite prepared food to eat was the Mexican soft taco which you could get with chicken, pork, beef or the mixto (a mix of all three). Oh, my goodness! There was a small vendor near me that had made the absolute best chicken tacos! Boy, do  I ever wish I had some now!

A couple other facts about this country include Spanish being its native language and it also shares the Andes Mountain range with several other countries. Last but not least, it has the city known as “The White City” and has around 300 days of pure rain-free sunshine a year.

So, do you think you know which country Butterfly Jewel experienced all this in? Go ahead and leave your guess in the comments, and I’ll let you know if you got it right. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Bugging Out: “Where in the World is Butterfly Jewel?”

  1. Cute! Love VW Bugs! Would love to drive one some day. How is it driving stick in the States?

    • Hehe…I’m just posing by someone else’ s car. I’ve been a passenger in stick shift cars before but I don’t think I’ve ever driven one. I think my brother may have tried to teach once when I was very young, but that was also when I was too scared to even drive an automatic. Lol…I was even scared to pull-out into the vacant street in my neighborhood.

      • Now that I drive stick I don’t enjoy driving automatics. When I go to the States I don’t feel like I’m really driving. You should learn to drive stick. you’ll love it.

      • I may learn one of these days. I remember my brother told me that they are usually pretty affordable cars. My little Nissan is still going after almost 12 years. Maybe I’ll consider getting a stick when it’s time to buy another car if I’ve learned by then.

      • Good idea.

  2. Peru? I have never driven automatic. Have been wanting to switch because of our crazy traffic though.

    • Thanks for sharing your Volkswagen story. I love the picture, just love seeing moments in the past captured on camera! I’ve always thought the bugs/beetles were cute. I see the beagle which is so similar was as well. What happened to it? Did you sell it? Were you still able to drive it after your mother drove it into the water?

  3. While reading I was thinking to Mexico then Peru.
    Do you live ther? Since a long time? How come?

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